Hi, Secret Art Lover!

First of all, we are so happy to see you here. Thank you for visiting our page and for supporting us.

About SAL

We are an online boutique that provides unique and exclusive styles designed by artists and inspired by actual artworks.

Who we are & what we do?

Women owned, women run business. Making limited edition styles inspired by actual artworks.

How we do it?

Each item we sell is made to order using the most advanced permanent print on demand technologies and ensuring minimal waste and maximum impact.

We provide this service through our strategic partnership with the most successful company in the on-demand printing industry. Please read our FAQs page or Disclaimer for more detailed information about our providers.

Why us?

Support Independent Artists ♥


Throw Blanket Art Swirl

Throw Blanket Art Swirl


Meet the Artist

Gratitude & Love

Hi, I am Anxhela, I am excited to see you here and grateful to have your love and support for this brand.

Talent & Passion

I am a visual artist and creative designer. I have always been drawn to the world of fashion, so I decided to create Secret Art Lover, a perfect fusion of art and fashion

Art & Fashion

I wanted to create a brand beyond its name, a brand that allows people to express themselves through art, colors, and textures. A brand for those who love ART.

Want to know more?

If you're interested in working together on a project, or would like information on how to carry my products in your store, please get in touch at info@secretartlover.com

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